To bring out an idea is like giving birth with all the side effects and also the rewards.

Consider the following as a first mindset and it’s up to you, if you accept this mindset or not: our purpose as humans and also every living being is to manifest ideas into reality. But the reality of the different species is also different, depending on their capabilities. A tree has a different reality, also a bird and also you and me.

Even though we live on the same planet, we are built differently, you adapted in your environment and I adapted in my environment, physically and mentally.

I’m a software engineer and you are maybe a farmer or a CEO of a big company. In the end it doesn’t matter, we both have our abilities and we shine differently in different situations. Sometimes I need you and sometimes you need me in order to fulfill our purpose.

This pages may suggest that it’s about technology I want to sell you, but it’s quite the opposite, I want to promote the technology you already have, your body and your mind. Of course you need a bit more tools in order to extend your capabilities, because cooking with hot water is not very fun, if you steer the hot soup with your bare hands.

As a first rule: to bring out a genuine idea, you need the lightest tools available to extend your primary built-in tools, for instance: an audio recorder, a paper notebook and a reliable pen. To calm you down, reliability is key, I can’t encourage his not enough. You need to see this as your holy obligation to be always ready to bring ideas into a save harbor. Consider yourself as a military tank, highly agile and always ready to shoot highly effective and precise ammunition. You need to have a system, and also a safe place for your notes in words, sketches or audio notes. Prepare yourself very carefully for this war on bringing your ideas to life, because it is a war, not against other people, who might steal your ideas, the war is against all the trash you collected over the years within your body (emotional debris) and also mental debris also known as ego.

Prepare yourself for your true calling, get ready, drink some water and flush out some trash, because your journey into an existing life is about to start very soon. To prepare yourself, because this will become a ride through hell, I recommend you to check out the Yoga I created for this purpose:

Take your time and most of all enjoy your climb, there will be plenty of mountains ahead. Be sure, I envy you already.

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the fisherman/-woman - mindset

To become like a fisherman or fisherwoman is quite accurate in order to get new ideas, but the thing is, that you are only the bait in this scenario, you need to become very attractive for ideas and develop all the necessary skills to bring the idea as soon as possible to life and most of all, you need to become able to handle the success, because every idea is inspirational and can even become toxic and addictive for other people. Therefore start with the small ideas. Those ideas are everywhere and most of those ideas are already fragments of another bigger idea. Consider a big idea as a whale you have to cut in pieces and you can live very well from this meat if you are able to handle the heat. Every idea wants to be cooked with heat or maybe you are able to dry the idea in the form of a piece of paper first. This can be a nice picture or in words. These days with all the social media you can have very easy success by selling your idea pre-cooked in the microwave with digital tools that are available for free.

What I’m selling you here is the idea of ideas and I’m improving day after day and growing with this idea and using more and more tools to deliver you the pieces up to the point you're full and will spend me $1. ;-) This is how it works! Because in the end, we all need to make some money to buy all the things in order to grow as a human.