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What is an Idea?

"I got the idea." "I have an idea" (what you try to explain to me). "Wow, I like the idea". And so on.

In my opinion an Idea is a living thing, it hatches within our minds and like every living thing it strives to survive or find another host where it can grow more and eventually becomes alife. The first stage of becoming a life for an idea is to become manifestet on a piece of paper or even in words you talk about with other people. An idea has several ways, yea tools to spread and in these days an idea can spread very quickly. I will explain much more about ideas and also the tools and ways to support an idea to become much easier to live.

What is a Mindset?

A mindset is the lightest tool in your arsenal, because it’s implemented within your mind. A mindset can help you to gain understanding much easier, but also an inefficient mindset can cost you a lot of time and money. Also it helps you to do your tasks much more efficiently energywise. For example: If you had to fix a motor of a car and you would detach the motor and the car in all its components to find the problem, this would cost you a tremendous amount of time and also the customer wouldn’t pay that much for fixing the problem inside the motor. A good mechanic would listen first and then start to guess according to its experience, where the problem could be and then only fix or replace the thing in the motor. Within these lines you find two mindsets: an efficient and an inefficient. If it’s your hobby to learn about car engines it’s useful to disassemble a motor and assemble it together of course, but for sure you wouldn’t do this with a Ferrary, but maybe with a cheap second hand car. Mindsets have also a lot to do with common sense and evolved over time, some mindsets are even built in and are provided by Life itself.