The Fountain of Inspiration

Most of the time, we help others to bring and maintain an idea of others. In fact, the vision of the company you are working for is an idea, sometimes transported through generations of the founding fathers/mothers.

Let’s say, you are working in human resources or accounting and you are not directly involved in the core business of your company, still you can become a valuable asset in providing your capacity without in-deep-knowledge, by just giving in. Just share your unconscious capacity with the others by surrendering your ego, because this way, you will also collect some degree of understanding of the core-business and maybe you realize some potential to optimize your own processes and gain a better understanding for the struggle of others with your own field of expertise.

This is the meaning of propper digitalization/transformation to share and bring in your very own untapped capacity.

This way you will feel much more connected with your company and also with the people around you. As a reward, you will climb the ladder, because this is what true leadership means. For sure is, you will personally grow tremendously and fast this way, because to surrender (internally/ego) is the strongest superpower there is.

Sounds strange? It is, but see it that way, you can become the perfect tool, independent, a self runner, even a cash cow, but it will be only for a relatively short period of time and yea, you can become a principal too, but you alone can’t multiply yourself and therefore you will be a stand-alone lamp in the room, but to enlighten the whole room, you need to become inductive and be able to enlight or inspire others. Only this way, you can multiply yourself, by inducing your light to others. I promise you this will be rewarding. But nothing without side effects, you could lose your job this way, when you start inspiring others, especially when you never did it before, but hey, what is a job worth in comparison to your true calling.

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