The Physics of Ideas

Do Ideas have physics? Of course they do and they are very much alive.

Consider Ideas floating around in space and even time. Consider even the smallest living beings having a capacity for hosting ideas, cos even the idea of survival is imprinted in the smallest lifeforms.

In my opinion Life is all about materializing ideas.

Like the fundamentals of society these days is in principal only an idea broad to life by philosophers 1000s of years ago.

Starting with society, societies tend to go down on their peak and in my opinion it was the lack of inspiration. In order to prevent our current society from going under I deliver with these pages some inspiration to people who are capable of comprehending the things I’m talking about. Not everyone has to become a leader or build an empire, most people just want to have a simple and fulfilling life and that's absolutely okay.

So, just don’t worry if these mindsets I’m providing are not fitting for you at the moment, but if you understand, what mindsets are and which mindsets are running within your mind, there will be plenty of time to grow with ideas of others. Anyways and in my opinion, we are not capable of creating ideas by ourselves, ideas finding a breeding ground within our minds or not.