Thank you for visiting my Site. I could’ve written a book, but as an expert in digitalization, this would be a waste of time and money. A book is also not very flexible, but a Web-Site is.

I try to avoid technology as much as possible, but also, it would be a waste of time and money, if I would avoid technology in general, because it’s very helpful these days to spread some knowledge through social media.

Technology improves very rapidly and the meaning of these pages is to deliver some valuable knowledge to you.

This page costs me around $6.5 a month, and the marketing costs me around $200 a month, this is my budget for now. Yea, we need some marketing, even if your Idea is shining like the brightest star in the sky, without the mass, you will probably not achieve much. Be aware of this and set some money aside for the marketing.

It’s all about ideas on this page and how to bring an idea to life. But what is an idea? In my opinion, an idea is a living thing and as all living things it wants to survive and also spread and grow. You are driven by an idea if you are aware or not. You could have collected an idea already in a very early stage of your life, in my case it was the idea of knowing everything. I know exactly when this happened as if it was yesterday, but I had to give this idea up, because it’s just not possible and also not healthy to fill the mind with so much knowledge. To be honest, I crashed my mind over 10 times already until I gave this idea up. Nevertheless it was worth it, to go with this idea for over 35 years and with all the struggles I had, because I collected a bunch of nonsense with my mind and also within my body and every time I reached my capacity of trash, my body went into self preservation mode and worked out all the trash within a couple of weeks. I live in Switzerland and therefore I’m quite lucky in the services my country provides for such instances. This is the reason why I write those lines and hand over my knowledge in best faith to you.

What I’m providing here are some (mental) tools also known as mindsets. A mindset is just a way to do and approach things in life or also facing challenges within your environment.

Of course it’s always up to you, if you want to try such a mindset or not, or you start to improve the basic mindset I deliver and create your very own mindset or toolset and share it with others or simply keep it for yourself. Because every single person has their own perspective and potential in life.